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 Specialty coffee shop owners outside shop doorway


Hey! We're Zeis and Danica. We're committed to making your coffee breaks a whole lot tastier, prettier and happier.

I'm a New York City girl with an eye for color, preferably pink, and a thing for handcrafted design. Zeis, my partner, is a self taught photographer, among other things, and the smiling face you’ll most likely find behind the bar of our tiny, pink, plant filled specialty coffee shop in Madrid, Spain. 

FELIZ was an idea brewing (no pun intended) for a while. The idea morphed many times but the name FELIZ never changed. The word FELIZ means happy in Spanish. It's the feeling we were looking to create. And honestly, aren't we all looking for more happiness?

Our journey brought us to Madrid where we found ourselves searching for a consistently good cup of coffee but also a place that felt warm and friendly. And if it was thoughtfully designed, even better. A place that felt like home. This my friend, is how FELIZ was born.

We realized that the things that made us happiest were most often the simplest things. Great conversation with old friends, interesting conversation with new friends, enjoying the warmth and comfort of a good cup of coffee, sweet treats included, and just soaking up the beauty and good vibes of the spaces around us. 

Our goal is to bring that feeling to our tiny concept shop in Madrid but also to our online shop and to your home. Whether you need a place to unwind, an afternoon pick me up, another bag of coffee to get you through the week, a chat or a laugh, or simply just to treat yourself, we hope you choose FELIZ. And if FELIZ does become the place you keep coming back to, then we think we're doing alright. Welcome!!!

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