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Shop_owners_outside_shop_doorwayHi! I’m Danica. An NYC girl with an eye for color and a thing for handcrafted home decor and design. My Spanish hubs, Zeis, is the smiling face you’ll most likely find behind the bar of our tiny, pink, plant filled coffee shop in Madrid, Spain.

With a shared love for travel and creative projects, our paths crossed in NYC and that's where the adventure began.

FELIZ was an idea that had been brewing (no pun intended) for a while. The idea morphed many times but the name FELIZ has stuck around. The word FELIZ means happy in Spanish. It perfectly described what we were looking for and what we wanted to create more of. And honestly, aren't we all looking for more happiness in our lives?

We realized that most of the time, happiness for us meant traveling, spending time with friends, laughing, being surrounded by pretty places and things and of course, having a good cup of coffee. The simplest things make us the happiest. 

We set out to create a space (online and offline) that feels like home. A place to unwind or have a chat. Where good coffee is always on offer and the vibes are warm and friendly.  And this my friend, is FELIZ Coffee.  Where good coffee and good design come together. A place to share what we love most with you. If FELIZ becomes the place you keep coming back to, then we think we're doing alright.