Open daily...W-Sun open until 7:30pm...We're waiting for you!


Hello and Welcome!!!

We really are so happy you're with us. If you already know who we are, I won't bore you too much with the details but if you're just coming across us for the first time. Here's a little bit about us...

My name is Danica and my partner's name is Zeis. From the moment our paths crossed in New York City, we knew we wanted to create something we cared about, something that allowed us to express ourselves creatively and something we could share with you. We spent years dreaming and planning which eventually led us to Madrid, Spain. In 2018 we opened the doors to our tiny pink specialty coffee/handmade home decor/plant filled shop in Barrio de las Letras.

Whoa! Madrid?!? Yes, Madrid. Somehow this beautiful little gem of a city was not on our radar but here we are, and we love it. With the opening of our shop, we have been so lucky to have the loveliest guests walk through our door...and I'm not kidding.

They have chosen us to spend their time with! Sometimes we can hardly believe it, but I've gotta say, it's a great feeling. Our community makes us strive to serve specialty coffee, tea and homemade pastries that are the tastiest they can be, the handcrafted home goods as authentic and beautiful as they can be and the atmosphere as cozy as can be. We believe that living more thoughtfully is what matters as well as the people we share those moments with. 

We want to bring the feeling of FELIZ Coffee online too. Our blog will be a place where we will share tips and ideas for living more simply, more beautifully, more naturally, more thoughtfully and more FELIZ. Oh, and don't worry, coffee will be served.