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Specialty Coffee FELIZ Blend

Specialty Coffee FELIZ Blend

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Many of your favorite moments involve coffee. You wake up thinking about your first cup of coffee and automatically, you're in a better mood. After yoga class, you meet a friend to catch up over a cup of coffee. Weekend coffee time at home is one of your favorite things. You get to enjoy a good cup of specialty coffee in your favorite mug while flipping through magazines...all in the comfort of your own home. 

Fill your cup with our FELIZ house blend. Smooth with a cocoa finish. Don't ruin your weekend rituals with a bad cup of coffee. Make your moments memorable. On Monday morning, you'll be glad you did. 

Best Brew: Chemex, Espresso, Filter and so good with milk


100% Arabica

Process: Pulped Natural

Variety: Bourbon/Caturra/Typica

Taste: Floral, Blueberries, Cocoa. Pleasant acidity and aftertaste.

Body: Full Body

Origin: Colombia/Guatemala/Indonesia

Whole Beans